The Key to Beautiful Brows.


Hey Bombshells,
We're here to tell ya we can give you the Baddest Brows on the Block.
Curly and coarse or fair and fine: bring 'em on!
We've got the skills to give your brows a thrill.
We coax your eyebrows into the amazing arches they were always meant to be.
Tired of stuffy, snooty salons?
Brows in need of a sexy 'lil oomph?
Do drop us a line, honey!


Stephanie and Christina
Owners and Sisters

PS: We weren't born with beautiful brows, these babies have been shaped, waxed, tweezed, trimmed, tinted, filled (the list goes on and on, sugar...whew!) into submission. There is hope to make the most of what your Mama gave you, we promise.

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